Synthetic teak



Flexiteek has become an increasingly popular alternative to natural teak. The difference between Flexiteek and
natural teak is that it is synthetically manufactured from PVC plastic. Unlike natural teak Flexiteek does not change
colour. Flexiteek is very durable and resistant to external stresses like heat and UV radiation. A good feature of Flexiteek is
that it does not get slippery when wet. Visually Flexiteek is very similar to natural teak and weighs about 6 kg/m2 and
is 6 mm thick.

The manufacturing process of Flexiteek is similar to  that of natural teak. Start with making templates (e.g. from paper)
on those surfaces where the Flexiteek deck is to be installed. Thereafter forward the templates to us for production.
When manufactured will the Flexiteek deck be resent to the customer for installation. For more information on the
procedure, please read our installation guide.

Flexiteek is manufactured in Fagersta, Sweden. 


Advantages compared to teak

  • keeps the original colour
  • tested firesafe
  • low maintenance
  • non slippery
  • easy to clean
  • tough stains can be sanded - watch video
  • UV resistant


Several different colours


Flexiteek has different colour options


Flexiteek finns nu i olika färger

Flexiteek in white, black, grey and traditional teak colouring


Order a sample:

Customers outside of Finland, find your county's retailer at: Flexiteek International